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Who we are...

Oberlender & Associates was organized in October of 1970.  The principal business of the Company is to perform the duties of a manufacturer’s sales representative in the electrical industry.

We have a fully staffed office with a warehouse in Dallas, and satellite offices in Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.  Complete coverage is given to the customers in Texas and Oklahoma and to the operating divisions of those located in the surrounding states.   

We are recognized as a leading Electrical Manufacturer Representative in Texas and Oklahoma.  Our company is comprised of a group of individuals highly experienced in all aspects of the electrical utility industry.  Our associates have been given the leadership and resources to provide the pinnacle of ethical customer service and manufacturer representation that is envied throughout our industry.

There is a uniqueness that contributes to the performance ability and successfulness of Oberlender & Associates.  This uniqueness includes the willingness of all associates no matter their position to go beyond what is required to complete our responsibilities.  The resulting efforts of the associates are both outstanding service to the customer as well as demonstrating the required allegiance to the manufacturer. 

The leadership of Oberlender & Associates has wisely selected individuals forming a group of associates who have a profound sense of duty and family.

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